Carphone Warehouse – Wolverhampton

Yes we did, following an attack at one of the Carphone Warehouse, we boarded every single window in one night to secure these premises for the client following the attack.  The internal shutters were damaged as well to gain access. We did re-glaze the windows in specialised laminated glass following this episode for the client … Read more Carphone Warehouse – Wolverhampton

Innovation Centre – Longbridge

Our biggest challenge here was the uneven ground and getting plant machinery in.   Our senior technician Stephen after careful planning went with scaffolding to reach the window, once the glass was lifted onto the platform ensure the engineers safety the glass was fitted with ease.  The area was closed off to the public throughout the … Read more Innovation Centre – Longbridge

Holland & Barrett – Birmingham Grand Central

Replaced a large piece of glass in one of the most busiest hot spots in Birmingham Grand Central.  This job was particularly complex due to it being attached to an apex door and works taking place around the festive season, lighting and decorations had been installed making it very difficult to manoeuvre the large plate … Read more Holland & Barrett – Birmingham Grand Central

Blythe Water Café – Solihull

This was one of our many projects which entailed a complete strip of all away existing single glazed windows and replacement and install of double-glazed uPVC windows. This particular job was challenging due to the nature of the business and popular location for the public to hold meetings.  There were certain timescales to adhere to … Read more Blythe Water Café – Solihull